STE Solar Energy and Electricity

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STE Solar Energy and Electricity
STE Solar Energy and Electricity
STE Solar Energy and Electricity


Every year there is increased use of solar generated electricity. Installation, maintenance and planning of such systems has created new industry that requires special knowledge and skills.

With the experimental kit „Solar Power and Electricity“, trainees are able to cover all relevant educational content in specific experiments, such as:

  • Efficiency and characteristics of solar cells
  • Series and parallel connection of solar panels
  • Maximum Power Tracking and DC/DC conversion

The straightforward, but varied, experiments of the Plug-in system, motivates students and strengthens their acquired knowledge.

Using a complete package of STE "Renewable Energy", more complex projects can be realised that illustrate to students key features of future power supplies. Therefore available:

Please contact your local distributor for special offers on classroom sets and guidance for additional packages with computer based measurement systems.

Technical data

A complete set containing over 30 ETS components about photovoltaic systems.


  • 3 different types of solar cells
  • MPP-Tracker
  • Comprehensive experiment instructions
  • Lighting module and more.

Scope of delivery

Clearly arranged in a solid case for transport and storage.


Experiment setups for the key Topics:
  • Solar Power
  • Wind Power
  • Battery Technology
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