MOST PC USB Interface

LD 7402013
MOST PC USB Interface
MOST PC USB Interface
MOST PC USB Interface
MOST PC USB Interface
MOST PC USB Interface


Menu-driven interface for connecting to a MOST25 network for recording (logging) and analyzing the data.
The transmitted communication of the real system or previously recorded data can be analyzed interactively. The functions trace, data and audio window with filter function and generator block for outgoing messages are available.

Interactive online protocol analysis

  • In the trace window the data transmitted via MOST of the control channel including the (composite) segmented data, such as AMS or MOST High Protocol are displayed.
  • Important MOST events are marked in color.
  • The Central Registry describes the current ring in which the device is registered as a node.
  • Important hardware and network conditions such as light, locked state or node address are displayed.
  • Representation of current radio texts in the radio control channel monitor. This automatically displays the composite data.
  • Messages can be sent using the generator block.
  • The Audio window gives you an overview of the channel reservation in the area of ​​synchronous data from MOST and allows to select individual connections and listen to them or put in audio signals.

Interactive offline protocol analysis
The Offline mode helps you in interactive or automated analysis of previously recorded logging files. The log files can be loaded as a real measurement in the program and can be evaluated.

Displays and menu items on the device

  • Physical location of the device in the MOST ring
  • Logical address of the device in the MOST ring
  • Synchronous Bandwidth
  • Audio output
  • Audio input
  • Block trigger
  • Data capture
  • Info

Technical data

Plug-in power supply 230 V, 50/60 Hz

Scope of delivery

12 V power supply, POF with one plug, audio cable 3.5 mm, USB cable.

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PDF (Instruction Sheet) PDF (Instruction Sheet) [740 2013] MOST PC USB Interface


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