Dead spot assistance

Dead spot assistance
Dead spot assistance

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Blind spot detection: 2 ultrasonic transducers detect whether there is another vehicle in the side area of the vehicle and signal this with a visual warning. As soon as the driver intends to change lanes in the direction of the detected vehicle by operating the indicator lever, an additional acoustic warning is given.

Rear view camera: An integrated rear view camera is activated when reverse gear is engaged. This detection can be done locally or via the CAN bus in conjunction with the OBD adaptor 7381121. The image displayed is mirror-inverted and has distance markings. In low ambient light, the infrared auxiliary light is automatically activated. A second camera can be connected via a front socket and used as a "dashcam". Its image is displayed laterally correct on the monitor.

Components of equipment sets

1 7397601 Driver assistance 1 LD
2 577321  8  Resistor, 120 Ω, STE 2/19 LD
1 57913  8  Toggle switch STE 2/19 LD
1 579163  8  PWM/PFM generator, STE 2/50 LD
1 738103 Ignition start switch LD
1 738111 Intelligent automotive lighting management system LD
1 7381121  4  OBD adaptor LD
1 738131  8  Stalk with with parking light LD
1 7381511 Control lamps KI LD
1 7381661  8  Headlights right halogen + LED LD
1 7381671 Headlights left halogen + LED LD
1 738190  8  Rear lights LD
1 738373  8  Turn signal control LD
1 7396021 Instrument cluster unit LD
Measuring devices
1 524013SKFZ Sensor-CASSY 2 Starter, Automotive LD
1 773961 CAN-Databus-Multi-Adapter LD
1 738027  4  Digital power supply 1 - 16 V/40 A LD
2 30011  4  Saddle base LD
6 50059  8  Safety bridging plugs, black, set of 10 LD
1 500592  8  Safety bridging plugs with tap, black, set of 10 LD
1 500990 Adapter sockets, set of 2 LD
1 500421  4  Connecting lead 19 A, 50 cm, red LD
1 500422  4  Connecting lead 19 A, 50 cm, blue LD
1 7389821  8  Safety experiment cables, set of 51 LD
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