COM4LAB Course: AC Technology I

LD 70013-20
COM4LAB Course: AC Technology I
COM4LAB Course: AC Technology I
COM4LAB Course: AC Technology I


The COM4LAB course AC Technology I is the first course on the fundamentals of AC technology. It addresses the generation of AC voltage, and the functions of a transformer and various rectifier circuits are practically devised using a number of experiments. The students are instructed on how to use the function generator, oscilloscope and multimeters. The course comprises 14 chapters.

The course covers the following topics:

  • generation of alternating voltage

    step voltage | continuous alternating voltage | electronic generation of alternating voltage

  • function generator and oscilloscope
  • transformer

    induction | principle of the transformer | short-circuited transformer | loaded transformer | transformer losses

  • rectifier circuits

    diode as a current valve | half-wave rectifier  M1 |  full-wave rectifier  M2 |  Graetz bridge rectifier  B2 |  symmetrical output voltage

The course …

  • can be displayed and filled out on your own tablet/smartphone/laptop.
  • is platform-independent - a current browser is sufficient.
  • can be distributed to students via QR codes.
  • enables interactive experimenting: The measured values from the Master Unit are automatically made available for evaluation in tables and diagrams. The analysis and documentation of the experiment on the student device can be done at school or at home.
  • can be edited and thus adapted to your own lesson plan.

Perpetual course license.

Technical data

  • Product key for activation of the course licence via is necessary. Later on the course can be accessed and distributed from LeyLab.
  • System requirements:
    - PC, tablet or smartphone with a current browser
    - internet access
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