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ESPIAL Software Package
  8  ESPIAL Software Package

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Espial is used extensively within the telecommunications, control and basic electronics ranges. It is therefore required for use with 12-300 series, 33-033, 53-004 (& 53-200 series), 57-200-USB, 38 series & PV75-100.

The teaching content is provided within the software; this includes the underlying theory, written so that it does not make extensive use of mathematics. An important part of the content is to highlight the assignment learning objectives and to convey relevant background to the student. Consequently, the student is well prepared for the practical work using the hardware, and can put the results into perspective. Espial operates so that its appearance and the range of instrumentation depend on the context. So, for example, if the practical-work requires the use of complex instrumentation such a constellation or a phase meter, one is made available, whereas at lower levels of study it would not be provided. Test instruments are initialised with settings suitable for the required measurements, but students are often expected to change them during the practical work. The instruments have cursors to make measurements and their displays may be printed or exported for inclusion in laboratory reports.

The 93-420 Espial Software Package now includes Espial Tools. This allows teachers and lecturers full edit facilities with the creation of new content and additional assignments. Laboratory Architect determines the range of assignments available to the students and to configure the look and feel of the Espial environment. Assignment Builder creates new or edits existing laboratory assignments and configures the test equipment. Content is edited using any HTML editor or Microsoft Word. Winwiz creates and edits work board "patching" diagrams. It also configures test equipment monitor points and "further information" points on the practical diagrams. Practical diagrams are edited by Microsoft Visio. (Visio is not supplied as part of Espial) Manual Builder creates a version of the content ready formatted for printing. Free of charge online software updates are included. An optional addition is 93-410 Espial Course Manager, although it is not necessary for equipment operation. The 93-410 creates complete courses containing assignments from any of the installed Espial products plus external resources such as documents, multimedia material, thrid party programs, web urls, or locations on local intranets. Includes Course Designer and Course Presenter.


  • Now includes Espial Tools
  • Allows teachers & lecturers full edit facilities
  • New content & additional assignments
  • Free of charge online software updates
  • Hands off for teachers, hand on for students
  • Self-paced
  • Unrestricted, open learning environment
  • Practical demonstration of theory & concepts
  • Interactive patching diagrams
  • Real-time embedded instrumentation
  • Automatic instrumentation configuration
  • Data export for analysis
  • USB connection to hardware
  • Editing tools include laboratory architect, assignment builder, Winwiz & manual builder
  • Compatible with 32 bit & 64 bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8
  • Optional 93-410 Espial Course Manager

Available as CD.

Alternatively is the software available for download at SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD and is updated regulary.

Technical data

  • Dimensions & weight of a CD

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1 Espial Course Manager
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