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WinFACT is an easy to use, modular program system. It provides tools for analysis, synthesis and simulation of conventional control systems. On the other hand it provides components for the treatment of fuzzy systems and neural networks.

The graphical user interface under Windows guarantees an extremely low training effort and at the same time a high ease of use. Thus WinFACT in the LD DIDACTIC Edition is particularly suitable for educatonal purposes.

WinFACT offers a variety of program interfaces and data formats and enables communication with a wide range of peripheral devices, external processes and user's own software products and third-party software. The LD DIDACTIC Edition exclusively offers additionally the easy connection to the measuring systems "Sensor CASSY" and "Profi CASSY" for integration into experiments in measurement engineering, communication engineering, control engineering and automation technology.

The core of the program system WinFACT is the block-oriented simulation system BORIS. In different configurations of the LD DIDACTIC the CASSY system is used to be applied as PID controller, as fuzzy controller, as (fuzzy) adapted or also as universal line simulator without the need for additional software like compilers, monitor programs or similar. Likewise, complex SCADA systems can be easily set up with WinFACT and tested and extended step by step.

For many LD DIDACTIC experiments in control engineering, WinFACT offers support in all phases of controller design, starting with modeling, analysis of the controlled system, controller design and closed loop simulation. WinFACT consists of a compilation of individual, in principle independent and arbitrarily combinable program modules, between which data can be transferred very easily via different communication channels.

Technical data

The program system contains all necessary components for analysis and synthesis of conventional control loops. These include:

  • Identification of linear systems on the basis of measured progressions of the input and output variables
  • Analysis of linear transmission systems by calculation of step response, Bode diagram, locus curve, root locus curve and pole-zero distribution
  • The synthesis of linear controllers with all common standard control elements
  • Design, simulation and optimization of conventional control loops
  • Design, simulation and optimization of FUZZY control loops
  • Design, simulation and optimization of hybrid control loops
  • Limited number of usable blocks in this license: 100 blocks 
  • Modification of parameters. Via the block types PARMOD and PARVAL BORIS allows the control of block parameters from the simulation, e.g. realization parameter variable structures 
  • Batch mode. BORIS allows an automatic execution of complete simulation series (e.g. parameter studies) without user intervention
  • OPC. With the optional OPC client/server toolbox BORIS can be made OPC capable in a simple and comfortable way.
  • Operating and monitoring. BORIS has a number of operating and visualization elements.
  • Numerical optimization of parameters from User-DLL-blocks
  • Graphical display of the connection nodes Extended User-DLL interface
  • Extended text and frame functionality
  • Integrated revision control system
  • Quick color selection via color toolbar
  • User definable system block pallets
  • Monitoring of blocks (watch window)
  • Global adjustment of the sampling time of time-discrete blocks
  • Wide range of PID setting rules
  • Extended measurement functions in all modules
  • Operating point setting for identification

Scope of delivery

Product code for activation with LEYLAB and download.

Note: A data carrier (DVD/USB stick) is not supplied. Should this be necessary, please contact your LD DIDACTIC contact person or our customer service.

Program can only be used on computers with Windows 7/8/10.


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