Stability and Optimisation

Stability and Optimisation
Stability and Optimisation



The experiments are set up with experiment plates in profile frames. The Profi-CASSY is used to drive these technical controlled systems as well as for recording and analysis of measurement values.

Educational objectives

  • Evaluation of various stability criteria
  • Computer-aided optimisation
  • Quality criteria and ruled surface
  • Integral criteria: IAE, ISE, ITAE, ITSE


Investigating stability and optimising controlled systems are two of the most important tasks related to control engineering. The result decides the usability of the controller for the intended purpose.

The equipment set incorporates student experiments which can be carried out in a laboratory safely using safety extra-low voltage. Experiment instructions are contained in a manual in either printed or digital form.

Target Group

A training program made for the advanced training study programs at applied technology universities and technical universities. Knowledge of classic control engineering is a prerequisite.

The following sets are recommended for further learning:
E Digital Controlling
E Fuzzy Controlling


  • Controllability of controlled systems
  • Controller design according to Ziegler/Nichols
  • Controller design according to Chien/Hrones/Reswick
  • Controller design using the optimal amount method.
  • Optimisation with use of evolution strategies
  • Numerical optimisation of controllers
  • Optimisation on the basis of control areas
  • Optimisation to limit overshoot
  • Optimisation for speed and low overshoot

Components of equipment sets

1 734064N  8  PID digital controller net LD
2 734091 Digital Controlled System LD
1 524016S2  8  Profi-CASSY Starter 2 LD
1 7340891  8  Dead time element LD
1 7340951  8  2nd Order transfer element LD
1 734501  4  WINFACT LD Starter (one computer) LD
1 734502  4  WINFACT LD Starter (site license) LD
1 775730DE  4  LIT: E6.3.4.5 Stability & Optimisation, german LD
1 72609  4  Panel frame T130, two-level LD
1 72686  4  Stabilised power supply unit ±15 V / 3 A LD
1 50059  8  Safety bridging plugs, black, set of 10 LD
1 500592  8  Safety bridging plugs with tap, black, set of 10 LD
2 500641  8  Safety experiment cable, 100 cm, red LD
2 500642  4  Safety experiment cable, 100 cm, blue LD
2 500644  8  Safety experiment cable, 100 cm, black LD
1 72610  4  * Panel frame T150, two-level LD
1 775730EN  4  * LIT: E6.3.4.5 Stability & Optimisation, english LD
1 734504 * WINFACT LD Edition (one computer) LD
1 734505  4  WINFACT LD Edition (Site Licence) LD
1 additionally required: 1 PC with Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (x86 or x64)
Experiments are operated and evaluated with CASSY Lab 2 and WinFACT.

Articles marked with * are not essential, we do however recommend them to carry out the experiment.

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