Operational Amplifier Tutor

Operational Amplifier Tutor
Operational Amplifier Tutor



  • Open-board construction
  • 4 operational amplifiers
  • Selection of resistive & capactive components
  • On-board potentiometers
  • Comprehensive experimental manual with interconnecting leads

Curriculum Coverage

  • Op-amp feedback requirements
  • Input offset voltage
  • Slew rate
  • Frequency response
  • Operational amplifier characteristics
  • Inverting & non-inverting modes
  • Open-loop voltage gain
  • Common mode rejection ratio (CMRR)
  • Sign changer or inverter
  • Scale changer
  • Adder or summing amplifier
  • d.c. voltage follower
  • Differential d.c. amplifier
  • Analogue integration & differentiation
  • Linear & non-linear oscillators

Technical data

  • Power Outputs: 4 sets of 0 V, ±10 V sockets
  • Power requirements: 0 V, ±15 V d.c. regulated at 200 mA
  • Dimensions (net): width 295 mm x depth 220 mm x height 45 mm
  • Weight (net): 1.8 kg

Additionally required

1 01-100  4  Power Supply +5 V =, +/- 15 V= FB

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