Industrial Frequency Converter

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Industrial Frequency Converter
  8  Industrial Frequency Converter

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Didactically adapted, industrial frequency converter with voltage link for the generation of three-phase, frequency and amplitude variable output voltage from single-phase AC mains.

This device can be used for speed open loop control and speed and torque closed loop control of asynchronous machines and IPM machines of the power classes 0.3 kW. Front panel with block diagram showing various functions of the inputs and outputs.

Inverter control principle: U / F or DANFOSS-VVC +
The adaptation of the drive machine and the control devices via an extensive set of parameters.

This can be easily programmed and optimized via the DANFOSS software MCT10 via the integrated USB port.

  • 6 digital programmable, PLC compatible control inputs,
  • 2 digital pulse and rotary encoder inputs
  • 2 digital inputs STO (Save Torque Off)
  • 2 analog inputs 0 ... 10 V and 0/4 ... 20 mA
  • 1 analogue output 0/4 ... 20 mA (500 W)
  • 1 programmable control and relay output, status indication with LED's
  • 1 USB port 1.1 (Full Speed)
  • 2 PROFINET connections
  • 3 phase connections for connecting the machine
  • 1 protective conductor
  • 2 connections for equipotential bonding or partial equipotential bonding
  • Menu navigation in German, English, French, Danish, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.
  • Display of all important operating states (eg frequency, motor current, voltage, torque) via display
  • Integrated speed controller


Technical documentation and software for parameterizing and documenting the frequency inverter can be free downloaded from DANFOSS.

Technical data

  • Output current: continuous 3 x 2.2 A (3 x 3.5 A max 60 s)
  • Output power: continuous 0.9 kVA
  • Output voltage: 3 x 0 ... 133/230 V.
  • Output frequency: 0.2 ... 132 Hz / 1 ...500Hz
  • Mains connection: 220 ... 240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Input current: max. 5.9 A

Scope of delivery

  • Mains connection via IEC socket with mains cable, earth contact and GB version.
  • USB cable

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