Control unit six pulse, digital

LD 735135
Control unit six pulse, digital
Control unit six pulse, digital


Trigger pulse generator with analogue and digital interface (8 bit) for connection to personal computer with CASSY interface in line-commutated, single-phase and three-phase rectifier and inverter circuits, as well as in AC and three-phase controllers. The control unit is adapted to the converter circuit using several switches with the following options:
  • Single pulse or pulse train operation possible
  • Secondary pulse can be switched off (after 60°)
  • Phase shift can be set for various natural
    commutating points: 0°, 30°, 60°
Reliable gate triggering of the valves is guaranteed for even small loads thanks to powerful gate trigger pulses and large voltage-time areas (500 µVs) of the trigger pulse. Rotating field monitoring:
  • Green LED when rotating field is clockwise
  • Red LED when rotating field is anti-clockwise
    or for phase failure.

Technical data

  • Signal output for rotating field monitoring (can be OR-operated with the pulse inhibit input)
  • 3 x 2 electrically isolated pulse outputs
  • Pulse inhibit input
  • Synchronising voltage: 1...440 V AC
  • Input control voltage: 0...10 V DC for
    control angle 180°...0°
  • Digital interface: TTL-level, 8-bit resolution for 180°
  • Supply voltage: ±15 V DC

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