DC machine supply, 0.3

LD 725852DG
DC machine supply, 0.3
  4  DC machine supply, 0.3


Complete power supply in a 19" casing for recording the constant-current characteristic of electrical machines with a constant voltage in the power class up to 0.3 kW.

Technical data

  • Mains switch, illuminated
  • Output: 40 - 250 V / 0 - 6 A direct voltage
    and current adjustable, stabilised,
    short-circuit-proof, with power factor adjustment
  • Output: approx. 200 V / 6 A direct voltage (depending on input voltage, due to being full-wave rectified)
  • Protection: circuit breaker, 6 A
  • Outputs: 4 x 4 mm safety sockets
  • Display: 2 digital displays (digit height: 12.4 mm) for indicating current and voltage
  • Current overload indicator: 1 red LED
  • Change-over switch: V/V ext. (constant), with mode indicator, 1 green LED
  • External Input for control the voltage power supply: (0 - 10 V DC) via 2 x 4 mm safety sockets
  • Width: 63 PU

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