Multi-function machine, 0.3

Multi-function machine, 0.3
Multi-function machine, 0.3

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The tests are carried out with industrially manufactured machines. All test machines have a special base for connection to the Machine Test System 0.3. With the Machine Test CASSY all measured values of the AC machines are recorded. The measured values

Motors with slip-ring rotors (wound rotor motors) represent a type of asynchronous machine. Unlike squirrel cage rotor machines, a slip-ring rotor is in the form of a three-phase winding attached to a slip-ring and accessible from the outside via brush

All functions of the Machine Test CASSY 0.3 can be operated quickly and directly via the display, the rotary wheel and the buttons on the unit. All settings and measurement results can be saved on the unit and quickly called up again later or simply do

The individual equipment is equally suitable for student experiments in the laboratory with low voltage (230 / 400 V three-phase current) and - with a mobile trainer - for teacher demonstration in the classroom. The experiments are carried out according t

The target group is made up of commercial apprentices and students of electrical machine construction. The course offers experiments at an intermediate level and also allows for the necessary insight into machine behaviour for scientific interpretation at

In the following configurations there are further extended experiments with the slip-ring motor:

  • E2.2.4.1 Squirrel cage rotor, 400/690
  • E2.2.4.2 Squirrel cage rotor, 230/400
  • E2.2.4.3 Squir


    • Design and function of a motor with slip-ring motor
    • Starting
    • Measurement of rotor standstill voltage and rotor current
    • Adjusting speed via starting resistors
    • Characteristics in motor operation
    • Main components:

Components of equipment sets

1 773228 Multi-function machine, 0.3 LD
1 73213  8  Motor protection switch, 0.6-1 LD
Set-up for the machine test
1 745561  8  Power circuit breaker module LD
Machine test system 300 W
1 7731900 Machine Test CASSY, 0.3 LD
1 524222 CASSY Lab 2 for Drives and Power Systems LD
1 7731991 Electrical dynamometer, 0.3 LD
1 773108  8  Coupling / shaft end guard 0.3, transparent LD
1 31539  4  Weight, 1 kg LD
1 773110 Machine base bench, 90 cm LD

Alternative machine base unit:

A longer machine base unit is required if drives with commutation are used.
1 773115 Machine base bench, 120 cm LD
1 73106  4  Coupling, 0.3 LD
Extension for additional experiment
1 73229  8  Rotor starter, 0.3 LD
1 775200DE  4  LIT: Asynchronous machines, 0.3 LD
1 775200EN  4  * LIT: Induction Machines 0.3 LD
Power supply:
1 72675  8  Three-phase terminal unit with RCD LD
1 72609  4  Panel frame T130, two-level LD
2 50059  8  Safety bridging plugs, black, set of 10 LD
1 500591  4  Safety bridging plugs, yellow/green, set of 10 LD
1 500855  4  Safety experiment cables, 32 A, set of 34 LD
1 500856  4  Safety experiment cables, 32 A, yellow/green, set of 5 LD
Additionally required:
PC with Windows 7/8/10

As an option for existing motors:

The following base  are options to use existing motors on site.
It's possible to use machines  with  B3 design and a 71 mm shaft  level.

1 773181  4  Assembly set el. machine base 0.3 short LD
1 773182  4  Assembly set el. machine base 0.3 long LD

Articles marked with * are not essential, we do however recommend them to carry out the experiment.

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