Control unit PWM/PFM

LD 735341
Control unit PWM/PFM
  8  Control unit PWM/PFM


Universal control unit for the assembly of switching DC controllers, switched-mode power supplies and single-phase
inverters. It is possible to control all the valves used in power electronics, such as thyristors, GTO thyristors, MOSFETs, Darlington transistors and IGBTs with an output amplifier having electrically isolated outputs for triggering and turn-off. Operation can be selected with the following control modes: pulse width modulation (PWM),
pulse frequency modulation (PFM) or two-position control.

Technical data

  • Control voltage (all control modes):
    •  0...10 V DC
  • Pulse width modulator:
    • Frequency ranges:
      •  20...200 Hz/0.2...2 kHz/2...20 kHz
    • Pulse duty cycle tON:
      • 0...0.95
  • Pulse frequency modulator:
    • Pulse duration ranges:
      • 5...50 µs/50...500 µs/0.5...5 ms
    • Frequency:
      • 20 Hz...20 kHz
  • Two-position controller:
    • Hysteresis:
      • 0...2 V
    • Output amplifier:
      • Persistently short-circuit-proof
  • Indication of switching state via 2 LEDs
  • 2 x 2 electrically isolated outputs (test voltage 3 kV)
  • INHIBIT input
  • Supply voltage:
    • ±15 V DC

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