Phase control noise filter 3 x 4.5 A

LD 735190
Phase control noise filter 3 x 4.5 A
  8  Phase control noise filter 3 x 4.5 A


Single-stage, three-phase interference suppression filter with high common-mode and push-pull damping, particularly suitable for experiments in power electronics with self-commutated and line-commutated converter connections. The filter is connected between the three-phase power supply and the experimental set-up and reduces the output of line-bound interference signals into the low-voltage network in accordance with EN 5008-1.

Technical data

  • Three toroidal core chokes, 1.3 mH
  • Three X2-class capacitors, 0.47 µF
  • One Y2-class capacitor, 30 nF
  • V = 3 x 230/400 V, 47...63 Hz
  • IN = 3 x 4.5 A

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PDF (Instruction Sheet) PDF (Instruction Sheet) [735 190] Phase control noise filter 3 x 4.5 A
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