Test Adapter for Charging Stations

LD 739953
Test Adapter for Charging Stations
Test Adapter for Charging Stations


This handy adapter is to be connected to the Electric vehicle charging station, 739948, and simulates an electric vehicle to check the charging station.

Vehicle Simulation (CP)
States A, B, C, D and E can be simulated in accordance with IEC  61851.

Cable Simulation (PP)
The various charging cables are simulated by connecting different resistances between PP and PE with the help of a rotary switch.

The device is equipped with optical display for:

  • CP Signal
  • Voltage L1
  • Voltage L2
  • Voltage L3
  • Rotating field cw
  • Rotating field ccw

The device is equipped with  4 mm type safety sockets for:

  • Voltage Phase L1
  • Voltage Phase L2
  • Voltage Phase L3
  • Protective earth PE
  • Neutral N

Technical data

  • Voltage: 415 VAC
  • Max. Current of the measurement sockets: 10 mA
  • Plug: Type 2, 16 A
  • Connecting cable: 250 mm (10 in)

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