Compact set 'Basics of automotive electrical engineering'

Compact set 'Basics of automotive electrical engineering'
Compact set 'Basics of automotive electrical engineering'


The following topics are covered with the equipment set A1.1.1.1:

  • The electric circuit
  • The ohmic resistance
  • Current and voltage sources
  • The capacitor
  • The coil
  • The transformer
  • The relay
  • Special resistors like NTC, PTC or LDR
  • The diode
  • The Z-diode
  • LEDs
  • The transistor, and
  • The thyristor.

Finally, with this set applied circuits in vehicle electronics can be assembled, such as:

  • The electronic tachometer
  • The electronic voltage regulator for three-phase generators, or
  • The transistor control unit for breaker-triggered ignition systems.

The equipment in the STE suitcase lends itself for storage and as a student's workstation. It serves as a receptacle for various STE equipment sets in its cover and can be used to conduct experiments in the classroom. The cover can be separated from the base.

Components of equipment sets

1 727520KOF Compact set 'Basics of automobile electrical engineering' in a case LD
2 531183  8  Digital multimeter 3340 LD
1 575302 Oscilloscope 30 MHz, digital, PT1265 LD
2 57524  4  Screened cable, BNC/4 mm Plug LD
1 LDS00001  4  Stopwatch, digital LD
3 50146  4  Connecting leads 19 A, 100 cm, red/blue, pair LD
LIT: A1.1.1.3 Kompaktausstattung Grundlagen der Kfz-Elektrik/Elektronik
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