Synthesis of magnesium oxide

Synthesis of magnesium oxide
Synthesis of magnesium oxide

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In experiment C1.2.2.1, the law of definite proportions is confirmed by the synthesis of magnesium oxide. Magnesium reacts with oxygen in a luminous reaction to magnesium oxide.

The starting material magnesium and the product magnesium oxide can be weighed. In addition, the quantity of oxygen consumed is determined by measuring the volume. The results can be used to determine the mass ratio of oxygen to magnesium. Repeated tests can then show that it remains constant.

Components of equipment sets

1 6669882  4  Combustion boat, glazed LD
1 664077  8  Reaction tube, quartz, 300 x 20 mm dia., SB 19 LD
2 667286 Silicone stopper, one 7-mm hole, 16...21 mm Ø LD
2 665914  4  Gas syringe, 100 ml with 3-way stopcock LD
1 666714  4  Cartridge burner, DIN type LD
GHS02 Warning H220
1 666715  4  Cartridge LD
GHS02 Warning H220
2 30076 Laboratory stand II LD
1 666731  4  Gas igniter, mechanical LD
1 6677991 Analytical balance, 210 g : 0,0001 g LD
1 667194  4  Silicone tubing 7 mm Ø, 1 m LD
1 667197  4  Silicone tubing, 4 mm diam., 1 m LD
1 604510  4  Tubing connector, 4...15 mm LD
6 6664660  8  Adhesive magnetic board 300 mm LD
2 6664661  8  Holder, magnetic, size 1, 9...11 mm LD
2 6664665  8  Holder, magnetic, size 5, 30...32 mm LD
1 666428  8  Panel frame C100, two-level, for CPS LD
1 441531  8  Screen LD
1 30002  4  Stand base, V-shaped, small LD
1 6731000  4  Magnesium, ribbon, 25 g LD
GHS02 Warning H228
1 6746970  4  Hydrochloric acid, 0.5 mol/l, 500 ml LD
GHS05 Warning H290
1 660998  4  Minican pressurised gas canister, oxygen LD
GHS03GHS04 Danger H270 H280
1 660980  8  Fine regulating valve for minican gas canisters LD

Experiment Instructions

YouTube-Video YouTube-Video The new chemistry presentation system CPSflex
PDF (Experiment description) PDF (Experiment description) C1.2.2.1 Synthesis of magnesium oxide
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