Thermal analysis of hydrocarbons

Thermal analysis of hydrocarbons
Thermal analysis of hydrocarbons

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In order to determine the number of hydrogen atoms as compared with the number of carbon atoms, hydrocarbons can be separated into their elements by thermal decomposition. With gaseous hydrocarbons, this can be done with a filament in a combustion chamber. There the gas is split into hydrogen and carbon black (soot). The ratio of hydrogen to carbon in the compound can be derived directly from the increase in gas volume. In experiment C2.1.2.1, the gases methane and ethane are studied in this way.

Components of equipment sets

1 666428  4  Panel frame C100, two-level, for CPS LD
1 666460 Combustion chamber with filament, CPS LD
2 6664660  4  Adhesive magnetic board CPS, 300 mm LD
4 6664664  8  Holder, magnetic, size 4, 27...29 mm LD
2 665914  4  Gas syringe, 100 ml with 3-way stopcock LD
1 666468  8  Blank panel, 300 mm, CPS LD
1 666467  8  Blank panel, 200 mm, CPS LD
1 72621  8  Equipment platform, 350 mm LD
1 500421  4  Connecting lead 19 A, 50 cm, red LD
1 500422  4  Connecting lead 19 A, 50 cm, blue LD
1 521551  8  AC/DC power supply 0...24 V/0...10 A LD
1 660987  4  Minican pressurised gas canister, methane LD
GHS02GHS04 Danger H220 H280
1 660988  4  Minican pressurised gas canister, ethane LD
GHS02GHS04 Danger H220 H280
1 660980  4  Fine regulating valve for minican gas canisters LD
1 667194  8  Silicone tubing 7 mm Ø, 1 m LD
1 604510  4  Tubing connector, 4...15 mm LD
1 667197  4  Silicone tubing, 4 mm diam., 1 m LD
1 664042  8  Test tubes, Fiolax, 16 x 160 mm, set of 100 LD
1 667052  4  Test tube rack, for 12 tubes, 18 mm diam., 6 drying pegs LD
1 656016  8  Bunsen burner, universal LD
1 666729  4  Safety gas hose, 1 m LD
1 6676051 Safety screen LD

Experiment Instructions

YouTube-Video YouTube-Video The new chemistry presentation system CPSflex
PDF (Experiment description) PDF (Experiment description) C2.1.2.1 Thermal analysis of hydrocarbons
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