Synthesis and use of indigo

Synthesis and use of indigo
Synthesis and use of indigo

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Indigo, a dye, can be produced in a simple organic synthesis. In so doing, o-nitrobenzaldehyde reacts with acetone in a condensation reaction to form isatin. That dimerises into finished indigo. Indigo is not water soluble and can simply be filtered out after the reaction. In experiment C2.4.1.1, this reaction is carried out and the finished indigo is used as a dye.

Components of equipment sets

1 664246  8  Erlenmeyer flask, DURAN, 100 ml, wide neck LD
1 665212  4  Glass stirring rod 200 x 8 mm Ø LD
1 665162  4  Büchner funnel, 70 mm diam. LD
1 661031  8  Round filter, Type 595, 70 mm diam., 100 pcs. LD
1 665060  4  Rubber collars, set of 7 LD
1 664866  4  Suction flask, 500 ml, glass LD
1 666967  8  Spoon-ended spatula, stainless steel, 150 mm LD
1 665751  4  Measuring cylinder 10 ml, with plastic base LD
1 665996  4  Graduated pipette, 5 ml LD
1 666003  4  Pipetting ball (Peleus ball) LD
1 664101  4  Beaker, DURAN, 100 ml, squat LD
1 ADAHCB602H Precision Balance, 600 g /0,01g, with USB interface LD
1 37556  4  Water jet pump LD
1 667186  4  Vacuum rubber tubing, 8 mm diam. LD
1 6739390  4  2-Nitrobenzaldehyde, 5 g LD
GHS07 H302 H315 H319 H335
1 6700410  4  Acetone, 1 l LD
GHS02GHS07 H225 H319 EUH066 H336
1 6738420  4  Sodium hydroxide solution, 1 mol/l, 500 ml LD
GHS05 H314 H290
1 6719711  4  Ethanol, absolute, 500 ml LD
GHS02GHS07 H225 H319
1 additionally required: white cotton cloth

Experiment Instructions

PDF (Experiment description) PDF (Experiment description) C2.4.1.1 Synthesis and use of indigo
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