Soxhlet extraction from leaves

Soxhlet extraction from leaves
Soxhlet extraction from leaves

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When low solubility or insoluble solids are to be extracted, then a Soxhlet extraction is carried out as in experiment C2.4.2.1. In this case the vapourised solvent condenses on a chiller and drips onto the extraction material in a filter sleeve. It collects in the extraction space, draws the extract out of the extraction material, and is automatically drawn into the flask. From there the solvent evaporates once again (without extract).

Components of equipment sets

1 665453  4  Extraction unit after Soxhlet LD
1 665422  8  Counter-flow coller after Dimroth LD
1 664301  4  Round-bottom flask, 250 ml, ST 19/26 LD
1 665391 Joint clip, plastic, ST 19/26 LD
1 665392  4  Joint clip plastic, ST 29/32 LD
1 6666523 Heating Mantle, 250 ml, adjustable LD
1 30076  8  Laboratory stand II LD
1 30001  4  Stand base, V-shaped, large LD
1 30043  8  Stand rod, 75 cm, 12 mm diam. LD
2 666555  4  Universal clamp 0...80 mm LD
2 30109  4  Bosshead S LD
2 667193  4  PVC tubing, 7 mm diam., 1 m LD
2 604460  4  Hose clamp, 8...12 mm LD
1 661050 Extraction thimbles, 80 x 26 mm diam., 25 pieces LD
1 667027  4  Tweezers, blunt, 130 mm LD
1 602954 Measuring cylinder, Boro 3.3, 250 ml, glass base LD
1 661167 Narrow-neck bottle, amber glass, 250 ml LD
1 665005  4  Funnel, Boro 3.3, 100 mm diam. LD
1 6719720  4  Ethanol, denaturated, 1 l LD
GHS02GHS07 H225 H319
1 6610821 Stopcock grease LD
1 661091  4  Boiling stones 100 g LD
1 additionally required:
leaves, dry, fine powder

Experiment Instructions

PDF (Experiment description) PDF (Experiment description) C2.4.2.1 Soxhlet extraction from leaves
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