The Beer-Lambert law

The Beer-Lambert law
The Beer-Lambert law Dilution series of copper tetraammine
The Beer-Lambert law

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If the extinction of a solution is measured, its concentration can be calculated from the result. That relationship is expressed by the Beer-Lambert law. Along with the concentration c of a solution, the extinction also depends on the thickness d of the layer and on the substance-specific extinction coefficient ε.

In experiment C3.3.2.1, a dilution series is used to study the proportional relationship between extinction and concentration and to determine the extinction coefficient of blue copper tetraammine.

Components of equipment sets

1 524005W  8  Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi LD
1 524220  8  CASSY Lab 2 LD
1 524069  8  Immersion photometer S LD
1 6662605 Holder for immersion photometer S LD
1 665793 Volumetric flask, Boro 3.3, 100 ml LD
1 665792  4  Volumetric flask, Boro 3.3, 50 ml LD
1 664045  4  Test tubes, Fiolax, 30 x 200 mm, set of 10 LD
3 665997  4  Graduated pipette 10 ml LD
1 666003 Pipetting ball (Peleus ball) LD
1 667054  4  Test tube rack, for 12 tubes, 32 mm diam. LD
1 6677977 Electronic Balance 440-3N, 200 g : 0.01 g LD
1 6729600  4  Copper(II) sulfate-5-hydrate, 100 g LD
GHS07GHS09 Warning H302 H319 H315 H410
1 6703600  4  Ammonia solution, 25 %, 250 ml LD
GHS05GHS07GHS09 Danger H314 H335 H400
1 6753400  4  Water, pure, 1 l LD
1 additionally required: PC with Windows 7 or higher with WIFI or USB connection

Experiment Instructions

PDF (Experiment description) PDF (Experiment description) C3.3.2.1 The Beer-Lambert law
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