Determination of enthalpy of mixing

Determination of enthalpy of mixing
Determination of enthalpy of mixing

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When two substances A and B are mixed together without initiating a chemical reaction, heats of mixing are released or consumed. If the mixing process takes place at constant pressure, the heat of mixing is equal to the enthalpy of mixing.
The cause of the enthalpy of mixing lies in the differences of the interaction energies of the similar molecules in the pure components along with the interaction energy between the different types of molecules in the mixture. If the interaction between similar molecules is stronger than between dissimilar ones, the mixing requires energy, so the solution cools down. In the opposite case, the solution warms up.
Experiment C4.3.3.4 determines the enthalpy of mixing of two solutions with different concentrations and measures the heat of mixing released.

Components of equipment sets

1 524005W2 Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi LD
1 524220  4  CASSY Lab 2 LD
1 38640  4  Glass calorimeter LD
1 529676  4  Temperature probe, NiCr-Ni, 1.5 mm, type K LD
1 664155  4  Watch glass dish 100 mm Ø LD
1 607105  8  Magnetic stirrer mini LD
1 666850  8  Stirring magnet, 15 mm x 5 mm diam. LD
1 30011  4  Saddle base LD
1 30126  4  Stand rod 25 cm, 10 mm Ø LD
1 30109  4  Bosshead S LD
1 602951  4  Measuring cylinder, Boro 3.3, 25 ml, glass base LD
1 665994  4  Graduated pipette 1 ml LD
1 665997  4  Graduated pipette 10 ml LD
1 666003  4  Pipetting ball (Peleus ball) LD
1 6700430  4  Acetone, 500 ml LD
GHS02GHS07 Danger H225 H319 EUH066 H336
1 6753400  4  Water, pure, 1 l LD
1 additionally required: PC with Windows 7 or higher with WIFI or USB connection

Experiment Instructions

PDF (Experiment description) PDF (Experiment description) C4.3.3.4 Determination of enthalpy of mixing
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