Concentration potentials (Nernst equation)

Concentration potentials (Nernst equation)
Concentration potentials (Nernst equation)

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If two similar half-cells which differ only in the concentration c of their electrolyte solutions are combined, then a potential difference also forms between those half-cells. The general relationship is described in the Nernst equation:

The potential E therefore depends on the temperature in Kelvin T and on the proportionality factor R, the universal gas constant. Other parameters which play a role include the ion valence n and the Faraday constant F. The dependence on concentration and temperature are investigated in experiment C4.4.3.4.

Components of equipment sets

1 6644071  8  Electrochemistry demonstration unit, CPS LD
1 664401  4  Electrochemistry accessories set LD
1 666425  4  Panel frame C50, two-level, for CPS LD
1 666472  4  Table for electrochemistry, CPS LD
1 665754  4  Measuring cylinder 100 ml, with plastic base LD
3 602023  4  Beaker, Boro 3.3, 150 ml, squat LD
1 664115  4  Beaker, DURAN, 600 ml, tall LD
1 665212  4  Glass stirring rod 200 x 8 mm Ø LD
3 665997  4  Graduated pipette 10 ml LD
1 666003  4  Pipetting ball (Peleus ball) LD
1 6753400  4  Water, pure, 1 l LD
1 6729660  4  Copper(II) sulfate solution, 1 mol/l (15 %), 500 ml LD
GHS09GHS05 Danger H318 H400 H410
1 6738411  4  Sodium hydroxide solution, 0.1 mol/l, 1 l LD
GHS05 Warning H290

Experiment Instructions

PDF (Experiment description) PDF (Experiment description) C4.4.3.4 Concentration potentials (Nernst equation)
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