Greenhouse effect

Greenhouse effect
Greenhouse effect

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In experiment C5.3.2.1, the IR-CO2 experimentation kit is used to demonstrate the absorption of infrared (IR) radiation by CO2 in the wavelength range from 4100 to 4300 nm. The short-wave radiation of the Sun penetrates water vapour, carbon dioxide, ozone, nitrous oxide and methane in the Earth's atmosphere and reaches the surface of the Earth unimpeded. The long-wave heat radiation is absorbed. Acting like the glass of a greenhouse, the greenhouse gases impede the release of energy from the Earth and cause heat to build up. Only a small part of the heat radiation is emitted directly into space - the far greater share is reflected back toward the surface of the Earth. This is referred to as the natural greenhouse effect. The proportion of greenhouse gases is changing as a result of human activity. The associated temperature increase is referred to as the anthropogenic greenhouse effect.

Components of equipment sets

1 6662652 IR gas experiment kit LD
1 524005W2 Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi LD
1 524220  4  CASSY Lab 2 LD
1 5240401  4  µV sensor S LD
1 521536  4  DC Power Supply 2 x 0...16 V/2 x 0...5 A LD
2 50145  4  Connecting lead 19 A, 50 cm, red/blue, pair LD
1 501861  8  Crocodile-clips, polished, set of 6 LD
1 55737 Thermopile LD
1 37558  4  Hand vacuum pump LD
1 604500  4  PVC tubing 6 mm Ø, 1 m LD
1 604431  4  Silicone tubing, 5 mm diam., 1 m LD
1 667197  4  Silicone tubing, 4 mm diam., 1 m LD
1 604520  8  Connector with nipple LD
1 6610010  4  Minican pressurised gas canister, argon LD
GHS04 Warning H280
1 660988  4  Minican pressurised gas canister, ethane LD
GHS02GHS04 Danger H220 H280
1 6610011  4  Minican pressurised gas canister, isobutane LD
GHS02GHS04 Danger H220 H280
1 660999  4  Minican pressurised gas canister, carbon dioxide LD
GHS04 Warning H280
1 660998  4  Minican pressurised gas canister, oxygen LD
GHS03GHS04 Danger H270 H280
1 660980  4  Fine regulating valve for minican gas canisters LD
1 additionally required: PC with Windows 7 or higher with WIFI or USB connection

Experiment Instructions

PDF (Experiment description) PDF (Experiment description) C5.3.2.1 Greenhouse effect
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