Photovoltaic system (Panel system)

Photovoltaic system (Panel system)
Photovoltaic system (Panel system)

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The importance of environmentally-friendly technology is increasing in the coming years. This trend is also reflected in the portfolio of LD Didactic. Therefore, the TPS photovoltaic device training system comprises a further component within our Greentec facilities. The new facilities use customary solar components in an educational format and gives realistic results, thus creating the optimal connection between theory and practice.

The topics include the generation of power in the solar modules, the storage of the power generated and the handling of AC consumers using an inverter. Using Sensor CASSY 2 and the CASSY-Lab Software the experiments produce graphical results that are easy to interpret.

Training Objectives

  • ➔ Energy generation using solar panels
  • ➔ Maximizing the power output by means of    optimized panel position
  • ➔ Shadowing
  • ➔ Storage of electrical energy
  • ➔ Measurments on inverters
  • ➔ Power measurment of AC loads

Components of equipment sets

1 7295031  8  Solar panel with lamp LD
1 7295051  4  Solar Charge Controller LD
1 7295012 Solar battery connection LD
1 7295013 Solar battery 12 V LD
1 729502  8  Solar Converter (isolated operation) LD
1 72913  4  Lamp Socket E27 LD
1 505302  4  Halogen Bulb 230 V/ 46 W, E27 LD
1 77611EN  4  LIT-print: Photovoltaic LD
1 524013S  8  Sensor-CASSY 2 Starter LD
1 727101 Power Analyser CASSY LD
1 524220  4  CASSY Lab 2 LD
1 72609  4  ** Panel frame T130, two-level LD
1 501511  4  ** Set of 10 bridging plugs, black LD
3 500641  8  ** Safety experiment cable, 100 cm, red LD
2 500642  4  ** Safety experiment cable, 100 cm, blue LD
1 500644  8  ** Safety experiment cable, 100 cm, black LD
1 500601  4  ** Safety connection lead, 10 cm, red LD
1 500602  4  ** Safety experiment cable, 10 cm, blue LD
1 500591  4  ** Safety bridging plugs, yellow/green, set of 10 LD

Articles marked with ** are additionally required.

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