AC Technology

AC Technology
AC Technology

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Approximately 30 experiments can be carried out with the set. The topics covered range from the production and graphing of AC current parameters through to measurement technology and how to use an oscilloscope. Measurements are taken from AC circuits with ohmic, capacitive, and inductive elements. The transformer and single-phase rectifiers can also be investigated.


This series of exercises handles the principles of working with alternating current technology, rectifier circuits (M1 - M3), and basic transformer circuit setup.

The exercises are comprised of

  • Measurement setup and execution
  • Mathematical analysis
  • Illustration with drawings

Similar figure

Set for student experiments and/or teacher demonstrations uses safe levels of low voltage. Experiments are carried out using a handbook in printed or electric form.

Students of industrial business, automation engineering, and mechatronics are the target groups addressed. This course teaches the fundamentals of electrical measuring technology



  • Production and parameters of alternating current
  • R, L, C in an alternating current circuit
  • Series and parallel circuits of R, L, C
  • Series and parallel compensation
  • Voltage and current resonance
  • Recording of diode characteristics
  • One- and two-pulse middle point circuit
  • Bridge circuit

Transformer in idle run and short circuit

Components of equipment sets

1 727513 Basic Set T 2.3 LD

Additionally required:
1 57674  4  Plug-in board, DIN A4, STE LD
1 72650  4  Plug-in board, 297 mm x 300 mm, STE LD
1 726962  4  Function generator 200 kHz LD
1 522621  4  Function generator S 12 LD
1 562791  4  Power supply unit (mains adaptor), 12 V AC LD
2 531120 Multimeter LDanalog 20 LD
1 575302 Oscilloscope 30 MHz, digital, PT1265 LD
1 57524  4  Screened cable, BNC/4 mm Plug LD
4 68544  8  Battery 1.5 V (AA) LD
1 50148  4  Bridging plugs STE 2/19, set of 10 LD
3 500421  4  Connecting lead 19 A, 50 cm, red LD
3 500424  8  Connecting lead 19 A, 50 cm, black LD
1 72619  4  Panel frame SL85, single-level LD
1 565631L  4  LIT: AC technology T 2.3, German (teachers' edition) LD
1 565631S  4  LIT: AC technology T 2.3, German (students' edition) LD
1 565632  4  LIT: AC technology T 2.3 LD
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