ASIMA for Small Logic Controllers

ASIMA for Small Logic Controllers
ASIMA for Small Logic Controllers

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E6.7.1.1 ASIMA Plant Simulator

The System Simulator II (ASIMA) is optimally designed for operation with small controller LOGO!8. ASIMA provides a total of 13 different applications for small controllers. The broad experiment spectrum ranges from testing of SPC functions through to controlling small controllers and facilitates universal use of ASIMA in education.

Educational objectives

  • Programming simple basic circuits.
  • Programming machine circuits
  • Programming small systems

The set contains the basic device ASIMA System Simulator II, including a collection of tasks on CD. ASIMA is connected with LOGO! Via 4 mm safety connectors. The following is made available:

  • 12 digital inputs, 12 digital outputs
  • 2 analogue inputs, 2 analogue outputs
  • 4 relay with break contact
  • Control and display elements:
  • 6 buttons, 6 button incremental switch, 33 LEDs
  • 2 potentimeter with 0 ... 10 V DC
  • 1 bar graph display comprised of 24 segments

The setup is designed for students and student experiments. Practical exercises require that the learner resolve the respective controller problem with their own programming. Suggested solutions are included as a file.

Target Group
Trainees studying industrial electro technology, focusing on automation engineering are the target group being addressed. The course offers experiments for beginners and intermediate learners for trade school and vocational training.

Knowledge of the basics of SPC programming is required in order to successfully complete the course.

The topics are handled by placing different screens on the basic ASIMA device.

  • Basic logic functions
  • Digital function components
  • Motor ON/OFF
  • Reversing contactor
  • Star-delta circuit
  • M6 star/delta reversing switch
  • Reciprocating table
  • Dahlander circuit
  • DS motor with 2 windings
  • DS motor self-starting
  • Conveyor belt system
  • Idle current compensation
  • Heating control

Components of equipment sets

1 773050 ASIMA Plant Simulator II EW
1 70000CBT DVD: COM3LAB Software LD
1 8-2412123-000-10-0  4  50-pole ribbon cable, 700 mm EW
1 775790DE  4  LIT: E6.7.1.1-3 ASIMA DE LD
1 775790EN  4  LIT: E6.7.1.1-3 ASIMA EN LD
Logic functions, basic level
1 77304901  4  Mask M1 Logic basic functions LD
1 77304902  4  Mask M2 Digital function modules LD
1 77304903  4  Mask M3 Motor ON/OFF LD
1 77304904  8  Mask M4 Reversing contactor LD
1 77304905  4  Mask M5 Star-delta connection LD
1 77304906  8  Mask M6 Reversing star-delta connection LD
1 77304907  4  Mask M7 Pendulum table control LD
1 77304908  4  Mask M8 Dahlaner circuit LD
1 77304909  8  Mask M9 Motor with 2 windings LD
1 77304910  4  Mask M10 Motor self-starter LD
1 77304911  8  Mask M11 Conveyor belt system LD
1 77304912  4  Mask M12 Reactive-current compensation LD
1 77304913  4  Mask M13 Heating control LD
2 8-2600001-000-10-0  4  Transparent folder, 410 mm x 320 mm x 10 mm EW
1 72610  4  * Panel frame T150, two-level LD
1 562793NA * Power Adapter 6...24 V LD
1 50059  8  * Safety bridging plugs, black, set of 10 LD
24 500614  4  * Safety connecting lead, 25 cm, black LD
1 500611  4  * Safety connecting lead, 25 cm, red LD
1 500612  4  * Safety connecting lead, 25 cm, blue LD
1 773041 * LOGO! 8 12/24 EW
1 773045  8  * LOGO! 8 12/24 TP 6 x EW
1 additionally required: 1 PC with Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (x86 or x64)
Experiments require the Siemens software TIA Portal to create programs.
The equipment can require additional software modules.

Articles marked with * are not essential, we do however recommend them to carry out the experiment.

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