Laser safety

Laser safety

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Laser can emit dangerous radiation. To protect against any injury international safety rules like IEC 60825 or ANSI Z136 were defined. The lasers are classified into different classes with the individual maximum permissible exposure limit (MPE) which is defined as intensity, power per square centimetre (W/cm²). To classify a laser one needs to know its intensity in order to compare it with the MPE values. For pulsed laser its energy is used instead of the power of continuous wave (cw) laser. Within the experiment P5.8.5.2 one pulsed and one cw laser is classified. For this purpose the intensity needs to be determined. To calculate this value the power and the beam diameter are measured. For the pulsed laser its repetition rate and the emitted energy is measured.

Components of equipment sets

1 4745216 Plano-Convex Lens f = 40 mm, C25 mount LD
1 4745220 Biconcave Lens f = -10 mm, C25 mount LD
1 474217 Scatter Probe with Holder LD
1 46877  4  Light filter green LD
1 474107  8  Filter Plate Holder LD
1 474306 Photodetector signal conditioning box LD
1 474321 Si PIN Photodetector LD
1 531185 Multimeter 4 5/6 digit PT3441 LD
1 57524  4  Screened cable, BNC/4 mm Plug LD
1 4745464  8  Oscilloscope, Dual Channel, Digital LD
1 50106  4  HF-Cable, BNC-BNC, 1.5 m LD
1 4745460 Laser Power Meter LD
1 4745462 Laser Power Sensor 1 nW ... 50 mW LD
1 4745463 Laser Energy Sensor 300 nJ ... 600 µJ LD
1 474309 Controller for Pulsed Laser Diode LD
1 4745428 Pulsed Diode Laser Module 908 nm LD
1 4745418 Diode Laser Module 532 nm LD
1 4745442  4  Profile rail 500 mm LD
1 474121 Swivel Unit with Carrier LD
2 4746411 Mounting plate for swivel unit LD
1 474209  8  Mounting Plate C25 with Carrier 20 mm LD
1 474211 Adjustment holder, 4 axes, continuous opening LD
1 4742112 Adjustment holder, 4 axes, with stop angle LD
1 474122 Optics cleaning set LD
1 6719700  4  Ethanol, absolute, 250 ml LD
GHS02GHS07 H225 H319
2 474251  8  Transport and Storage Box #01 LD
1 4747101  4  LIT: Laser Safety LD
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