Universal measuring instrument, Biology

LD 531837
Universal measuring instrument, Biology
Universal measuring instrument, Biology

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Interchangeable CASSY sensors make it possible to measure many different biological quantities including the following:
  • Pulse
  • Skin resistance
  • Blood pressure
  • Reaction time
  • Hearing threshold
  • pH value
  • Temperature
  • climate-related parameters (relative humidity, illuminance, atmospheric pressure, height)
  • O2 and CO2 concentration
  • Voltage
  • Current

The sensors are detected automatically and the corresponding measuring range is displayed automatically in the large digital display. With integrated loudspeaker, e.g. for measurement of the auditory threshold or to give an audible sound while pulse or blood pressure measurements.
The calibration of pH, O2 and CO2 concentration is internally saved and only needs to be checked from time to time. Additionally it is possible to connect the measuring instrument via the USB port to a computer. Including software for recording and evaluation of measurements.

Technical data

  • Measuring ranges: dependent on sensor
  • Measuring range selection: automatic or manual
  • Calibration: 1 or 2 point (pH, O2 and CO2 concentration automatically saved)
  • Display: 5-digit, 7-segment display for numerical values and 7x25 LEDs for displaying units
  • Height of digits: 25 mm
  • USB-port: compatible to USB 1.1 and 2.0, full speed, electrically isolated (USB cable included)
  • Supply: 230 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 20 cm x 21 cm x 23 cm
  • Updates: available free in internet

Additionally recommended

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1 5240461  8  Reaction test adapter S LD
1 5240471  4  Pulse sensor S LD
1 5240481  8  Skin resistance sensor S LD
1 5240501  8  Blood pressure sensor S LD
1 5240511  4  Lux adapter S LD
1 5240521  4  Oxygen adapter S LD
1 Climate sensor S
1 5240574 Climate sensor S LD
1 5240621  4  UIP sensor S LD
1 524064  4  Pressure sensor S, ±2000 hPa LD
1 524065  8  Absolute pressure sensor S, 0...1500 hPa LD
1 524066  8  Pressure sensor S, ±70 hPa LD
1 5240672  4  pH adapter S LD
1 5240673  4  NiCr-Ni adapter S, type K LD
1 524083  8  CO2 sensor S LD
1 524085  8  Hearing threshold adapter S LD
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