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  1. 666776   4 

    LD Electric burner

    Electric burner

  2. 666777   4 

    LD Stand for electric burner

    Stand for electric burner

  3. 30325   8 

    LD Immersion heater

    Immersion heater

  4. 666757   8 

    LD Quartz heating element, 100 W

    Quartz heating element, 100 W

  5. 6622941   4 

    LD Heater for aquarium, 50 W

    Heater for aquarium, 50 W

  6. Power controller

    Power controller, 230 V/50 Hz connection. For ohmic and inductive loads. For continuous regulation of power supply to electric appliances, with mains supply and plug. Maximum continuous load: 500 W for inductive load Short-term load: 2000 W for ohmic load.

    Kat.-Nr.Heating power DimensionsGround
  7. Hair-dryer

    Hair-dryer with overload protection, 230 V/50 Hz connection, complete with jet and mains connection cable.

    Kat.-Nr.Power consumption
    666 735   4 600/1200 W
  8. Hot-air blower

    Light hot air blower with two heating and airflow stages. Complete with connection cable and plug.

    Kat.-Nr.PowerTemperatureAir flow
  9. Heating mantle

    Heating mantle for gas syringe, hard glass, complete with stand part and connection socket for 4 mm plug. Heater filament for low voltage in inside tube. Heating power 50 W(10 V~/5 A corresp. approx. 130 °C).

    Kat.-Nr.PowerLengthTube dia.
    667 49150 W300 mm40 mm
  10. Heating mantles

    230 V connection. To heat highly flammable substances, with which no open flame may be used. Optimal heat transfer with good fit and flexible heater. Insulation with glass cloth for minimal heating of exterior surface, plastic-coated housing, resistant to many chemicals. An extra stand clip allows the fixation in stand constructions. Max. heating conductor temperatures of 450 °C, with 1.5 m mains connection cable with shock-proof plug and personal protection adapter also supplied.

    Kat.-Nr.Heating powerFlask sizeHeating zone control
    666 6512   4 100 W100 ml2 steps
    666 6522   4 150 W250 ml2 steps
    666 6523   4 150 W250 ml
    666 6533   4 200 W500 ml
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