Total hardness of water

Total hardness of water
Total hardness of water


If you mix two substances together, you get a mixture of substances. In some cases you can still see the individual components with the naked eye (for example when you mix oil and water). In other cases you can no longer recognize them (for example when you mix sugar and water). Here you get to know different mixtures of substances and examine which type it is.

Components of equipment sets

1 6753410  4 
Water, pure, 5 l LD
1 665754
Measuring cylinder 100 ml, with plastic base LD
1 665997  4 
Graduated pipette 10 ml LD
1 666003
Pipetting ball (Peleus ball) LD
1 602022  4 
Beaker Boro 3.3, 100 ml, squat LD
1 667260  4 
Rubber stopper solid, 25...31 mm Ø LD
1 664243  4 
Erlenmeyer flask 250 ml, narrow neck, SB 29 LD
1 610010
Laboratory safety goggles, Focomax LD
1 MA91201  4 
Test sticks total water hardness LD
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