COM4LAB: Electronic Components II

COM4LAB: Electronic Components II
COM4LAB: Electronic Components II
COM4LAB: Electronic Components II


The COM4LAB course entitled “Electronic Components II” is the second course concerning the active electronic components that have an amplifying effect or permit control. Special transistor types and semiconductors from the power electronics sector are used. One of their main applications, phase angle control, is examined taking the thyristor and the TRIAC as examples. The students are instructed on how to use the function generator, oscilloscope and multimeters. The course comprises 14 chapters.

Total duration: Up to 5 hours

Learning objectives

The students should:

  • understand the setup, function and use of field-effect transistors, MOSFETs, IGBTs, DIACS, Thyristors and TRIACS and
  • be able to record characteristics of these active components with an oscilloscope.


The course covers the following topics:

  • Field-effect transistors

    Transfer characteristic of the JFET – Output characteristic family of the JFET – JFET as switch


    Characteristics – MOSFET as switch

  • IGBT

    Characteristics – IGBT as switch

  • DIAC
  • Thyristor

    Characteristic – Thyristor in a DC circuit – Phase angle control with a thyristor


    Characteristic – Phase angle control with a TRIAC

Previous knowledge

The students need to have a basic knowledge of DC and AC technology and have to be familiar with the measurement of electrical quantities in order to be able to complete the course successfully. Additionally, dealing with simple formulas is required.

Components of equipment sets

1 70016-00 COM4LAB Board: Electronic Components II LD
1 70016-20 COM4LAB Course: Electronic Components II LD
1 70000-00 COM4LAB Master Unit LD
1 70000-11 USB-C Charger 45 W Europlug (Type C) LD
0 Alternatively USB-C charger with UK-plug or US-plug
1 70000-22 COM4LAB Set of Safety Leads, 2 mm, 24 pcs LD
Additionally required
0 PC, tablet or smartphone with a current browser
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