pH value of waterbodies - Digital

pH value of waterbodies - Digital
pH value of waterbodies - Digital


In this experiment, the students analyse the pH value of different water samples with a pH electrode. The students realise that the pH value of a body of water often deviates from the neutral value of pH 7. This can be caused by various substance inputs such as carbonic acid, water inflows from the ground, wastewater discharges or acid rain.

Components of equipment sets

3 602022  4 
Beaker Boro 3.3, 100 ml, squat LD
1 664131  4 
Beaker Boro 3.3, 400 ml, squat LD
1 524005W2
Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi LD
1 529673  8 
pH combination electrode, BNC LD
1 524452  8 
pH Adapter M LD
1 6744640  4 
Buffer solution pH 4.00, 250 ml LD
1 6744670  4 
Buffer solution pH 7.00, 250 ml LD
1 6753410  4 
Water, pure, 5 l LD
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