Science Lab Genetics GE (Set)

LD 207351S
Science Lab Genetics GE (Set)
Science Lab Genetics GE (Set)
Science Lab Genetics GE (Set)

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Student experiment set of the student experiment system Science Lab in the field of biology. Set-up material for one working group in device-shaped storage. With the   GE equipment set, students can carry out experiments in the field of genetics from S II.  

The students deal with the topics of genetics and analyses of forensic and medical diagnostics. While working on the curriculum-required topics, they are also taught the competences of communication and assessment.

The GE equipment set serves as a basis. Together with additional DNA kits, the various topics can be addressed.

Experiment topics:
Methods of DNA analysis
Analysis of bacterial plasmid DNA
Analysis of lambda DNA
Paternity analysis
Genetic fingerprinting

Scope of delivery

1 6045682  4  Powder spatula, steel, 185 mm LD
1 647002 Tray, high LD
1 664250  4  Erlenmeyer flask, Boro 3.3, 250 ml, narrow neck LD
1 665754  4  Measuring cylinder 100 ml, with plastic base LD
1 6660151 Tint bowl, Polystyrene LD
1 666019  4  Microlitre pipette 2-20 µl LD
1 666020  4  Microlitre pipette 20-200 µL LD
1 666022  4  Pipette tips 2-200 µL, 96 each in rack LD
1 BEEK-001  4  Electrophoresis chamber LD

Additionally required

1 52073  4  LIT-digital: LB Science Lab Biology LD
2 610010  8  Laboratory safety goggles LD
1 610077  8  Nitrile examination gloves, size M LD
1 6753410  4  Water, pure, 5 l LD
1 ADACB501  4  Compact scale 500 g : 0.1 g LD
1 BEDK-004 DNA kit bacterial plasmid DNA LD
1 BEDK-005 DNA kit electrophoresis of lambda DNA LD
1 BEDK-006 DNA kit genetic fingerprint LD
1 BEDK-007 DNA kit paternity analysis LD
1 BEPS-002  4  300 V, 400 mA power supply LD

Additionally recommended

1 5207351DE LIT-print: LB5: Genetics, German LD
1 610450  8  Heat-resistant holder "Hot Hand" LD
1 647003  8  Lid for tray LD

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