Science Lab Mechanics ME2 (Set)

LD 207112S
Science Lab Mechanics ME2 (Set)
Science Lab Mechanics ME2 (Set)
Science Lab Mechanics ME2 (Set)

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Student experiment set of the student experiment system Science Lab in the field of physics. Set-up material for one working group in pre-formed tray. With the equipment set ME2, together with the Science Lab Physics Basic PB (207 100S), more than 40 experiments at high school, college and basic university level for worldwide curriculums can be performed.
The students deal with the topics forces, simple machines and oscillations. While working out the curriculum required topics, they are also trained in communication and assessment skills. In combination with the Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi (524 005W2), there are additional evaluation options which enable the students digital learning.

Experimental topics:
Mechanics of solid bodies
Deformation due to force
Combining and decomposing forces
Pulleys and inclined plane
Harmonic oscillations
Forced oscillations and standing waves
Superposition of waves

Scope of delivery

1 31402  4  Dynamometers, tension and compression, 3 N LD
1 340811  4  Plug-in axle LD
1 34082  4  Double scale LD
1 340831  4  Lever 37.5 cm LD
1 34087  4  Load hook LD
1 34089  4  Coupling plug 4 mm LD
1 34090  4  Rubber rings, set of 8 LD
2 340911  4  Pulley Ø 50 mm, plug-in LD
2 340921  8  Pulley Ø 100 mm, plug-in LD
2 340930  4  Pulley bridge LD
2 34247  8  Balance pan with stirrup LD
2 346034 Bar pendulum 31.5 cm LD
1 34605  4  Clamping block for pendulums LD
1 35207  4  Helical spring 10 N/m LD
1 35208  4  Helical spring 25 N/m LD
1 59027  4  Set of weights 1 g to 50 g LD
1 647002 Tray, high LD
1 68657  4  Rubber cords 3 m LD

Additionally required

1 207100S Science Lab Physics Basic PB (Set) LD
1 520711  4  LIT-digital: LP1 Science Lab Mechanics LD

Additionally recommended

2 30121  8  Stand base MF LD
2 50145  4  Connecting lead 19 A, 50 cm, red/blue, pair LD
1 52071  4  LIT-digital: LP Science Lab Physics LD
1 5207112DE  4  LIT-print: LP1.2 Forces, simple machines and oscillations, German LD
1 522621  4  Function generator S 12 LD
1 524005W2 Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi LD
1 524431  4  Light barrier M LD
1 524434  8  Force sensor M, ±50 N LD
2 57942  4  Motor with rocker, STE 2/19 LD
1 647003  8  Lid for tray LD

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