Temperature Control

Temperature Control
Temperature Control

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The experiments are set up with experiment plates in profile frames. The controlled system or control circuit are activated with the Profi-CASSY and the relevant measurement values recorded.


  • Get familiar with the basic principles of controllers
  • Setpoint and disturbance control
  • Handle analysis and simulation software



Controlling the temperature of residential buildings, vehicles, or workpieces is a classic example of systems with large time constants. The temperature controlled system works with two-point controllers as well as with PID and software controllers. It has a 7-segment display for the current temperature. A halogen lamp serves as the heat source and also ensures visibility of the heating process. The temperature is measured with an NTC thermistor. A ventilator and closable cap are available in the heater duct for investigation of the disturbance behaviour. Two integrated power amplifiers (for heating and cooling) facilitate direct activation with the controller, control elements are not necessary. The temperature controlled system can also be operated with fuzzy controlling.

The equipment is ideal for demonstration and students' experiments. The tests were carried out with an electronic manual and the data files for CASSY Lab 2 and WinFACT. It is true Plug & Play: The measurement starts automatically after loading the data file.

Target groups
Students completing vocational training in electrical engineering for industry and students of automation engineering and mechatronics are the target group. The course offers introductory experiments that are very simple and also addresses difficult topics for bachelor-level studies.

The following sets are recommended for further learning:
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E Digital Controlling
E Fuzzy Controlling


  • Characteristic curve for the temperature controlling system
  • Recording the jump response
  • Optimal amount, replacement controlled system
  • Technical controller
  • Controller in the limit range
  • Empirical tuning of controllers
  • Control unit design with known time constants for the controlled system
  • Controller design zero-pole compensation, KP determination in batch run
  • Control unit design through numerical optimization
  • Rule of thumb method
  • Setpoint and disturbance control with electronic controllers
  • Temperature regulation with a software controller
  • Temperature controlling with block-oriented PC simulation
  • Temperature control with two-point controller, influence of hysteresis
  • Two-point controller with delayed feedback
  • Two-point controller with delayed weakening feedback
  • Temperature regulation with three-point controller
  • Control circuit modelling

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Components of equipment sets

1 734064N  8  PID digital controller net LD
1 73402  8  Reference variable generator LD
1 734121  4  Digital Temperature Controlled System LD
1 734011  4  Two position controller LD
1 524016S2  8  Profi-CASSY Starter 2 LD
1 72609  4  Panel frame T130, two-level LD
1 72686  4  Stabilised power supply unit ±15 V / 3 A LD
1 50059  8  Safety bridging plugs, black, set of 10 LD
1 500592  8  Safety bridging plugs with tap, black, set of 10 LD
3 500641  8  Safety experiment cable, 100 cm, red LD
3 500642  4  Safety experiment cable, 100 cm, blue LD
3 500644  8  Safety experiment cable, 100 cm, black LD
1 734501  4  WINFACT LD Starter (one computer) LD
1 775680DE  4  LIT-print: Temperature Control, German LD
1 775680EN  4  LIT-print: Temperature Control LD
1 775680FR  4  LIT-print: Temperature Control, French LD
1 72610  4  * Panel frame T150, two-level LD
1 734502  4  * WINFACT LD Starter (site license) LD
1 734504 * WINFACT LD Edition (one computer) LD
1 734505  4  * WINFACT LD Edition (Site Licence) LD
1 additionally required: 1 PC with Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (x86 or x64)
Experiments are operated and evaluated with CASSY Lab 2 and WinFACT.

Articles marked with * are not essential, we do however recommend them to carry out the experiment.

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