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  1. Plug-in boards, STE

    The basics of experiment setups in the plug-in system include plug-in boards. These hold electric and electronic circuits in student, practical and demonstration experiments.

    4 mm sockets are electrically connected to jack panels in the plates. These jack panels are available as wire crossings with 5 sockets each and also as wire quadrats with 9 sockets each on the experiment surfaces. The grid spacing measure 19 mm between the outside sockets of neighboring jack panels and 50 mm between the middle sockets.

    Several plug-in boards can be joined together to form experiment surfaces of any size. The grid spacing of 19 mm and 50 mm is also available in the transition from one plate to another.

    Kat.-Nr.DimensionsConnector gridsLine inter­sectionsComment
    576 74   4 DIN A42424
    576 75   8 DIN A34848
    580 10   8 DIN A296
    726 50   8 297 mm x 300 mm24with additional fields to hook onto the frame
    726 54   8 634 mm x 400 mm96to hook onto the frame
    576 71   8 100 mm x 50 mm2
  2. 57677   8 

    LD Board holders, STE, pair

    Board holders, STE, pair

  3. 301320   4 

    LD Plug-in board holder, STE

    Plug-in board holder, STE

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